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Who Is Rev. T.W. {Terry Weston} from TW's Ministry?

TW's Ministry {Rev. Terry Weston}  is concerned about providing testimonies {empowering , educating and encouraging } to the American {Citizen, Constituent, Christian, Clergy, Chaplain, Congressional Leaders and Corporate Leaders } People.

TW's  Ministry {Rev. Terry Weston} follows  1st Corinthians 9:15-22 {NIV},  Hebrews 13:1-6 {NIV}  and  Galatians 1:10-23  {NIV}  by implementing & executing the following:

  • Clergy Correctional Leader - Faith Based Inmate Programs and Faith Based ReEntry

  • Clergy Community Engagement - Faith Based programs {Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults and Seniors}

  • Clergy - Teaching and Preaching

  • Clergy Community Education - Academic Substitute Teacher/Para & Community College Adjunct Teacher

  • Clergy Advocacy Community Affairs {Social Justice, Marriage, Fatherhood, Fair Housing, Vet's, Disasters, At-Risk Youth, Domestic Violence, Gang Prevention, Health and Healthy Eating/Living,..............}

  • Clergy Church Ministries

Rev. Terry {T.W.} Weston has National Certifications { } from U.S. Department of Home Land Security/FEMA in the following:
A)  Special Events Contingency Planning for the Public
B)  Community Preparedness during Emergency Situations and Disasters
C)  Emergency Management Preparedness Fundamentals

  • Rev. Terry {T.W.} Weston:

Proviso Township - Cook County Native & Plano / Big Rock resident, Presidential Award Recipient -

  • Rev. Terry {T.W.} Weston:

Delivered a Strong ?Word? at the Father and Families Collation Conference in San Francisco ---- {

  • Rev. Terry {T.W.} Weston: --- Appeared on National Responsible Fatherhood Show - 10 minutes to 15 minutes into the show

  • Rev. Terry {T.W.} Weston
Educational Tutor and Mentor Panel Discussion: 

  • Rev. Terry {T.W.} Weston

Is Compassionate, Committed and Concerned for our Nations Students as Substitute Teacher and/or Para Professional. Is also a Community Engagement Leader, Correctional Leader, Chaplain Leader, Clergy Leader and Christian Advocacy Leader.

TW's Ministry
P.O. Box - 82
Plano, IL 60545

Office: 708.269.1368
Fax: 708.540.4256

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Rev. Terry {T.W.} Weston from TW's Ministry 



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