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Just Trying To Do God's Will To Reach Mankind {constituents, citizens, civilians}

Just Trying To Do God's Will To Reach the Minds {civil, civic, congressional, clergy and chaplain} and hearts {civil, civic, congressional, clergy and chaplain} of our leaders

Just Trying To Do God's Will To Reach Ministers {parishioners, preachers, pastors, priest and practitioners}in municipalities, counties and states

 TW’s Ministry {Rev. Terry Weston} Profile

TW’s Ministry has more than a decade of ministry and engineering experience.


That allows TW’s Ministry to integrate engineering and ministry principles to develop programs that address real community problems from a Faith Based Initiative perspective.


TW’s Ministry {Rev. Terry Weston}, faith based initiative principal, is to commit to God’s Church, Congregation, Constituent and Community, as well as to all who are served by them.


Reverend Terry Weston, a native of the Chicago Suburban Village of Maywood, Illinois was raised by a single mother with Mississippi values and Spiritual beliefs. Where TW’ overcame many of the obstacles that face the children, youth and young adults of today, including growing up poor, in poverty and in a polluted gang and drug infested area.


TW’s Ministry {Rev. Terry Weston} assisted local agencies in community-based gang prevention and community-base children, youth and young adult self development programs from 1994 to 1997.


TW’s Ministry {Rev. Terry Weston} is partnering (1997 to present) with agencies (churches, corporations, congressional, counties, educational, foundations and organizations) on Faith Based Initiative community programs.


TW’s Ministry is concerned, capable and committed to Faith Based Initiatives.


TW's Ministry

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