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Assists churches, congregations, clergy, congressional {local, county, state and federal} leaders, organizations, foundations  and  all government agencies in the area of membership {constituent and/or civilian}, ministry (organizational and/or community ) and management {staff} development through ministry stipends and honorariums:

One Week Contract, Three Month Contract, Six Month Contract and Yearly Contract

Under MOP {Method of Procedures} the following is also agreed upon:

Honorariums {Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly , Monthly}

Stipends {Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly , Monthly}

 This is a cost factor difference between Honorariums and Stipends. Contact TW's Ministry to understand the cost factor difference.

TW's Ministry will (day to day operations) work closely with all staff, ministry and/or organizational leaders to provide them with innovative ministry and/or organizational suggestions and ideas to allow them to accomplish their tasks while meeting the needs of all the ones your ministry and/or organization services.

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