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Faith Based Ministry Resources for Communities (organizations, foundations and educational systems) and Government {municipalities, counties, states and federal } Agencies

Faith Based Ministry Resources for Educational [ School{s}, School District{s}, College{s} and Universitie{s} ] Institution and Educational { ISS, OSS, Detention and Behavior Prevention } Services

Faith Based Ministry Resources Short List : Contact TW's Ministry for a Complete List

 Inmate & ReEntry Programs

  • Life Recovery Steps
  • Inmate Prayer, Praise and Preaching  (Teaching) Worship Service
  • ReEntry Prayer, Praise and Preaching (Teaching) Worship Service
  • Interconnecting all five biblical (enrich, empower, educate, equip and edify) principles to improve their lives

Neutralizing Problems Areas

  • How to minimize gang loitering and other illegal activities on street corners
  • How to minimize  high school student truancy, ISS, OSS and Behavioral Issues in the class room
  • How to minimize motorist speeding accidents, motorist speeding around park districts and schools facilities

Improving Public Services

  • Community  Education
  • Community Entrapment
  • Community Entertainment
  • Community Entepreneurial
  • Community Environment
It's TW's Ministry "Prayer" that  God's Existence,  Jesus Empowerment and the Holy Spirit Encouragement will "Bless" and "Assist" your work efforts in your work place in the following areas {municipalities, counties, states and federal} for the following:

Civil responsibilities

Civic responsibilities

Constituents responsibilities

Citizens responsibilities

Church responsibilities

Congregation responsibilities

Clergy responsibilities

Chaplain responsibilities

Congressional responsibilities 

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