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Short List of Published Faith Based Initiatives: Contact TW's Ministry for a complete detail list:

 1) Alternative Detainment Program to reduce Gang Violence, Street Loitering, Hanging on Street Corners and Juvenile Truancy, In School Suspension, Out of School Suspension and Behavioral Issues in the Class Room

2) Getting Back Up in Life {Inmates and/or Ex-Offenders} for Adults and Juvenile

3) Learning, Laughter, Life and Love Summer Program for Children and Youth and/or Tutor + Mentor programs

4) Youth needs Inspirational P.R.I.D.E. {Politeness, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence} to achieve the American Dream  for School{s}, School District{s}, and Juvenile facilties

5) Anchoring your Marriage in the Lord {Engagement couples up to first Three years of marriage}

6) How to have Respect in the Marriage {first Four years of marriage up to Seventh year in the marriage}

7) Are you Married but Separate or Married and One? {first Eight years of marriage up to Tenth year of marriage}

8) Contact TW's Ministry for a list of older faith based initiatives that might meet your agency, organization, church, community, company, county, city, congressional or foundation needs.

Contact  Information:

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Office: 708.269.1368 

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