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June 2011

Posted by twministry on May 30, 2011 at 3:50 PM

Greetings to All:

As we prepare for summer challenges, conflicts and complicated task; do not expect to get favorable human assistance, begin with the mind-set of Faith and purpose to win.


What is the difference between Serious Professional and Simple Professional?

Serious Professional: works at improving its weakness while maintaining its strengths each and every day.

Simple Professional: works at maintaining its strengths and blaming its weakness because of others.


Do you have the attitude, ambition and attributes of a Dr. Joseph Lister?

• In 1827 medical surgery was painful, unclean, health hazard and dangerously

• Anesthesia had not yet been developed

• Dr. Lister was ridiculed, insulted, criticized and rejected by his peers when he published his finding to improve surgery.

On August 12, 1865; Dr. Lister used his method and theory on an eleven year old boy; after six weeks the boy was still alive but the medical profession still ridiculed him.

Finally in 1881 {for over twenty years - ridiculed, insulted, criticized and rejected by his peers} the medical profession realized his method and theory was the best way to perform surgery.

Today in Year 2011; we owe thanks to Dr. Joseph Lister for advancing medical surgery.

• Just imagine – if Dr. Lister would have listen to the wrong advice in his mind !!!


It has become clear to TW’s Ministry that there is a definite need for discipleship {commitment, compassion and careness} in the body of Christ and the local church is largely unable or unwilling to provide it because young believers of faith are not specifically prepared to be disciples in their professions and today professional individuals are desperate to know how faith in Christ relates to their work; whether in politics, business, law, medicine, science, labor force and/or education.


Do we follow these conditions necessary to have a sense of meaning in our life?

• We must have hope that our physical needs, such as housing and food can be meet.

• We must have hope that our emotional needs for relationships, intimacy, love, a sense of dignity, meaningful work and community can be meet.

• We must have a sense of hope that our individual lives play a part in an overarching purpose and/or destiny for others.


It's Time to Digest Romans 6: 1 - 23  for this Month !!

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