TW's Ministry

Rev. TW of TW's Ministry, Radio Show about Strong Men and Women in Tough Times

                      Where did TW's Ministry Develop AT?


TW' received God's call, ministry training and ministry practice under the Pastoral and Spiritual Care {only certain Pastors and Preachers peers taught and educated TW'} of Rev. Marvin E. Wiley, Pastor of Rock of Ages (

Independent Study (Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL) of Pastoral Studies/Pastoral Emphasis Curriculum

Four Years of (Level One - Level Four) Expository Preaching and Teaching Seminar and Workshop, Los Angelos, CA

Four Years of (Creative Teaching Methods for Ministries) the Greather Chicago Sunday School Association Workshops, Elmhurst, IL

Four Years of (general ministry course work) Evangelical Training Association Self Learning Course, Wheaton, IL

Two Years (How to minister to families going through the bereavement process) of Compassion in Action Seminar and Workshop, Lisle, IL

Three Years (Faith Based Disaster and Emergency Spiritual response) of University of Chicago Hospital training, Chicago, IL

Four Years (Evangelism and Contagious Christian Series) of Willow Creek Assoication Seminar and Workshop, Barrington, IL

Two Years (Evangelism and Small Group Series) Saddleback Forty Days of Purpose and Purpose Driven Conference Seminar and Workshop, Lake Forest, CA

Nine Years of Ministry Volunteer Work in Correctional Centers

Nine Years of Ministry Volunteer Work in local Churches

Seven Years of Ministry Work as a Paid Staff or Consultant in local churches

Eight Years of Professional Engineering Experience in Corporate America

Four plus Years of University studies for Electrical Engineering

Three Years of Academic Educational Teaching

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