TW's Ministry

Rev. TW of TW's Ministry, Radio Show about Strong Men and Women in Tough Times

Develop, Design and Deploy its holistic ministry initiatives through Ministry and Faith Based conferences and workshops:

  • How to do Evangelism in today's culture
  • How to do Three Hundred and 65 Days of Community Services that changes lives
  • In the Image of (Men and Fathers) God
  • How to Recovery (Inmates and ReEntry) from faults, failures and frustrations in life
  • How to avoid Sex, Lies and Videos as a {Young Adult and Adult} Single
  • Moving from relationship role to Marriage role
  • What's next after the Wedding {One month to Ten Years of Marriage at this time} Celebration 
  • How to Live, Laugh and Learn as a Youth
  • Basic Training for Associate Ministers
  • Basic Training for Deacons
  • Developing Leaders with the Spirit, Sincerity and Seriousness of Christ
  • How to develop {Men's, Women's Seniors, Marriage, Drama, Witnessing, and Health & Wellness} ministries that shows our society the identity, image and integrity of Christ
  • How to develop a {Children, Youth and Young Adults} solid, sound, serious, sincere and structured ministry
  • How to develop Community Impact {Connecting Church to the Community} Sessions

TW's Ministry is driven - Prayer,Praise and Preaching (Teaching)

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